SQL Injection Fixer / AceQL / ChatGPT API Developments

We are a french privately held company located in Paris. We specialize in SQL and ChatGPT developments in C#, Java, PHP and Python.

SQLiFixer Your First Line of Defense against SQL injection

SQLiFixer offers a Robust Protection against SQLi vulnerabilities directly at the core of the system

  • SQLiFixer TEST & CORRECT SQLi vulnerabilities before they can be exploited
  • AI-Powered, Patented, Fully Automated with Quality Control, SQLiFixer FIX SQLi vulnerabilities, offering a performant, unique, effective protection
SQL injection CVEs are raising and are a major threat
  • SQL injection CVEs have increased by 460% between 2020 and 2023, signaling an escalating threat to digital assets.
  • SQL injection (SQLi) attacks are one of the top threat (owasp10), with 42% of attacks on public systems 
  • With attackers using more sophisticated techniques and AI to bypass security measure, the need for advancing the defensive strategies against SQLi attacks is a must.
In this critical scenario, SQLi Fixer offers an unique effective solution, detecting SQLi vulnerabilities and immediately correcting then in your source code.

The AceQL Client-Server Framework

We are the authors of the AceQL HTTP Framework:


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