ChatGPT API Developments & Sqlephant SaaS

We are a french privately held company located in Paris. We specialize in ChatGPT developments in C#, Java, PHP and Python.

We are the developers of Sqlephant, an AI-powered SaaS code generator

Sqlephant: Streamlining Your SQL Development Processes. Our SaaS offer, designed with a focus on utility and efficiency, provides developers with AI-assisted capabilities to streamline various SQL development processes.

Sqlephant facilitates swift schema generation with automated type inference and offers a reliable SQL Requests and Injections Fixer. Developers working with C#, Java, PHP, and Python can benefit from comprehensive SQL Wrapper Generation and automated CRUD operations, without delving into the intricacies of manual coding. The Web App Generation allows to create user-friendly web applications tied closely to SQL tables, ensuring clarity and maintainability in code structure.

Additionally, Sqlephant ensures a secure operational environment by functioning solely on metadata, safeguarding your corporate data.

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