Developments with ChatGPT API

KawanSoft offers the necessary expertise in application development using ChatGPT APIs as well as the use of the natural language model.

With extensive experience in C#, Python, and Java programming, as well as SQL databases, KawanSoft has the skills to design and develop state-of-the-art applications for your business.

We can build applications that meet your specific needs and achieve your customer interaction and content generation goals. You will benefit from our professional approach to application development with the latest technology and industry practices.

Contact us to discuss your project and find out how KawanSoft can help you achieve your application development goals via ChatGPT.

Simplifying GPT-4 Integration for Java and C# Developers (May 2024)

GPT-4 API, Simplified:
  • HTTP Communications Automatic Management: Automatically addresses HTTP issues with OpenAI. If there’s a problem, we’ll handle the retries.
  • Handling Large Prompts: Effortlessly manages prompts up to 128kb. No hassle, no stress.
  • Unlimited Prompt Execution: Execute any size of prompt with automatic chunking.
  • Predefined, User-Friendly Actions.

The AceQL Client-Server Framework

We are the authors of the AceQL HTTP Framework:


For all questions about AceQL, please contact us