Developments with ChatGPT API

KawanSoft offers the necessary expertise in application development using ChatGPT APIs as well as the use of the natural language model.

With extensive experience in C#, Python, and Java programming, as well as SQL databases, KawanSoft has the skills to design and develop state-of-the-art applications for your business.

We can build applications that meet your specific needs and achieve your customer interaction and content generation goals. You will benefit from our professional approach to application development with the latest technology and industry practices.

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Sqlephant: A Developer's Companion for Efficient SQL Development

AI-Assisted SQL Assistance: Navigate through SQL development with the support of AI capabilities.

  • Swift Schema Generation: Leverage automated type inference for quick and intuitive schema creation.
  • SQL Requests Fixer: Diagnose and correct problematic SQL requests seamlessly.
  • SQL Injections Fixer: Identify and rectify SQL injection vulnerabilities effectively.
  • SQL Wrapper Generation: Receive thorough SQL wrappers for C#, Java, PHP, and Python, facilitating smooth development across various programming languages.
  • Automated CRUD Operations: Bypass the detailed manual coding process with auto-generated Create, Read, Update, and Delete functions.
  • Web App Generation: Create user-friendly web applications tied closely to your SQL tables, ensuring clarity and maintainability in code structure.
  • Operational Security: Conduct operations confidently with a system that functions exclusively on metadata, ensuring your corporate data’s safety.


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The AceQL Client-Server Framework

We are the authors of the AceQL HTTP Framework:


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